Jazz prodigy

I went to the Beaches Jazz festival yesterday. It was OK…a bit on the hot side and there were too many people for my taste. What saved the evening and was the highlight for me was when we ran into a young kid on the saxophone and flute, 15 year old Rob Christian: 947

He was really, really good.

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  1. sooooooooooo…….. i wish you actually liked talking on the phone. getting updated by you over msn is retarded. and moreso retarded because i quit msn for good. let’s hang out once my work schedule is stable and/or when you decide to take a shower…the stench is already creeping into north york. btw, can you please get xanga so i look like i have more friends? thanks. haha.

  2. What?! MSN is the basis of our relationship! I’m not sure I can handle the next step of interacting on a physical level, ever!

    On a serious note, xanga sucks. I refuse to conform.

    On a more serious note, since I’ve bamboozled them into giving me free evenings and weekends for the same price as my old plan, we can now leave the phone on while we sleep and hear each other snore.

  3. thanks i got your email about the concert…but… i’m not really into john mayer anymore. plus, i heard he’s really into over-exaggerating facial expressions when he sings. so let me know if that’s true. but thank you anyways =)

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