Had a pretty eventful weekend including going to bubblebattle on Sunday, but it was a distinctly jazz-themed one. On Saturday we headed to the Reservoir Lounge to see Tory Cassis play as part of the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival. He was kind of a last resort as I was hankering for a female vocalist. Imagine my delight when he didn’t show, and Sophia Perlman and the Vipers turned up instead. At first we thought she worked there and was helping the band set up, since she looked so young and unassuming. When she started singing however, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. This young lady has a sultry, husky voice, and her stage presence is fun, charming and natural. We stayed for all 3 sets.

On Monday, we went to see Dave Brubeck, the legendary pianist. In his mid-eighties by now, he was funny and energetic; we had a great time. The quartet played a great rendition of Take Five, and for his solo encore he made the audience crack up by playing Brahm’s Lullaby. Thanks for getting the tickets Grace!

Afterwards we headed back to the Reservoir Lounge as it was still early and it was Sophia’s regular night. Her birthday was midnight, and a gaggle of guest musicians came in and played. It was very cool seeing so many musicians cycle on and off and jam together so easily. There were some guest singers, and even though he didn’t perform (at least not while we were there), Matt Dusk was in attendance. I think this girl is going to be big, and it’s a pleasure to watch as it happens.

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  1. Ahem…”fun, charming, and natural” were MY said impressions of Sophia Perlman. I believe yours were, “I’d bang her!”

  2. *giggle*
    a bit belated, but I just came across this when i google searched my own name (i know how ego-centric that sounds, but it’s a good way to make sure that things like event listings etc. are ok, and to see if there’s been press from events…)

    you are a sweetheart.

    thanks for mentioning me!

    p.s. “i’d bang her” is just as complimentary.

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