Finally, another update!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted — I’ve had quite a busy last week. As part of the Toronto Jazz Festival, I went to see Dave Brubeck as the first ever Jazz act at the new Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Nice venue, great act.
On Friday, went to see Sammi Cheng at the ACC. Listening to so many familiar Chinese songs from over 10 years ago brings back memories from what seems like a lifetime ago.

On Sunday evening, we went to Peter’s Cottage up in Bancroft, then drove another 1.5 hours out to the Ottawa River to go white water rafting for the day. It was a great time — only one of us fell out of the raft in of the rapids, but we made up for it by jumping out and bodysurfing anyway 🙂 We got to do some cliff-diving where we had to swim against the current to get back to shore too. All-in-all we had an awesome little trip, and I’d definitely go again.

One word of advice though: do NOT rely on Google Maps to help you navigate your way back. It took us on a 40 minute detour out of the 5 hour trip back to Toronto that was straight out of the beginning of a horror movie — dirt backroads where you could hardly see ahead of you and no lights anywhere near us. I was half waiting for the car to break down so we’d have to trek to a nearby house for help and get sawed in half.

Luckily, the Google Map wasn’t so bad as to give us the wrong directions, only really bad ones. We finally made it out to the highway and got home in one piece.

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