The weekend was eventful…on Friday did Capture the Flag, went drinking in Koreatown with the buddies and then met up with a coworker and hit a bar to cap it all off. On Saturday, re-injured my back then did Nuit Blanche till 5am — my favourite was Ballroom Dancing, I went twice! Now it’s Sunday. […]


Had a pretty eventful weekend including going to bubblebattle on Sunday, but it was a distinctly jazz-themed one. On Saturday we headed to the Reservoir Lounge to see Tory Cassis play as part of the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival. He was kind of a last resort as I was hankering for a female vocalist. Imagine […]


Went to check out this for the first time today. It’s basically a weekly game of hide and seek, all over Toronto. Today’s location was based in the block around the CN Tower and SkyDome (I don’t care what they are calling these days, it’s still the SkyDome to me). It was good clean fun, […]