Had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend…started off with the Chris Botti concert on Friday, went apple-picking at Watson Farms Saturday afternoon, locked myself out of my running car and then had Thanksgiving dinner with neighbour/friends AmyChris, JackieDerrick and Natalie. On Sunday we went out to Century Room — it’s always nice to see familiar faces.

On Monday I saw The Departed. It’s actually a re-make of the Chinese movie Infernal Affairs. Both were very good, but I preferred the original slightly more. It’s less vulgar and you could empathize with the characters a bit more.

After the movie I went to the Reservoir Lounge to see Sophia Perlman and the Vipers again. I had planned to see her last week already, but on Saturday I got a nice surprise — Sophia posted a comment on my blog! You can see it here. I’m convinced I have psychic powers as something like this happened to me a couple weeks earlier too — I thought about a person I haven’t talked to in a while and she messaged me shortly after. I wonder what sort of things I could do once I harness this power…

Anyway, we got to introduce ourselves to her and had a great time as usual. October 23 is their one year anniversary so I’ll definitely be back for more!

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