I can’t wait for the Raptors season to start! I got to see the preseason Nets game, with Vince Carter back in town again. There was a funny moment when Jorge Garbajosa, who is the first person to wear #15 since VC left town, checked into the game. Vince stared at his jersey for a bit, then gave a smile to the broadcasters, as if to say “where’s all the love for me gone around here?” Also, the lights went out for a while so it was different watching them play in near darkness. It’s gonna be a much more positive season this year with all the changes made.

After the game, I went to the home of one of organizers of VITT, a yahoo group for vegetarians in their twenties. Her mom showed a bunch of us how to make various Indian breads including roti, stuffed roti, puri and kachori. Afterwards we got to eat them all…it was rare opportunity to have a homecooked Indian meal, and I loved it!

Oh yeah, I also got to check out Utopia Cafe this weekend. Although there’s a wait (the place is so small), the food is really good. It’s very veggie-friendly, and my meat-eating friend enjoyed his meal very much too.

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